Are you a ‘sharent’?

If you are a parent who likes to share pictures of your little ones on social media, here are some useful tips from Think You Know.  If you are a teacher in school, then this article would be a brilliant one to share with parents and carers in your school.  The article really makes you think:

Who’s looking? – Just who can see the pictures you share?

What else are you sharing? – As default, many cameras, phones and apps tag posts and photos with ‘meta-data’ which can include location details and other identifying information.

Who owns the photo you post? – Under the terms and conditions of most social networks, when you share a photo you licence the network to use and reproduce your image.

Are you creating a digital tattoo for your child? – Every publicly accessible image or comment featuring your child contributes to a public image which will follow them into the future.

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