BBC Learning Zone Broadband

A new offering from the BBC to support the primary and secondary curriculum.

“Learning Zone Broadband is a rich online source of audiiovisual material tagged to the school curriculum.  Designed for colleges, primary and secondary schools, Learning Zone Broadband enables teachers to find the best clips to fit lessons.  Clips can be searched by subject, topic or keywork and are streamed via the internet.”

You will need a broadband connection when you want to use the clips, as they cannot be downloaded and saved to your computer.  The BBC plan to keep this resource updated, so more clips will be added when they are ready.

BBC Learning Zone Broadband

Sally Tippett

Sally was previously and ICT advisor for Staffordshire LA with responsibility for Emerging Technologies, ICT in Literacy, iPads and liaison with the managed services team. She is a highly experienced educator, having worked across the Key Stages in primary school and as a specialist teacher in an EBD school. Sally has written the Primary Computing Framework and works with many schools implementing the new curriculum and embedding mobile technologies.

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