Brilliant updates for Book Creator

The latest update to Book Creator is now available.  The improvements include:

  • support for sharing audio, video, image and text straight into Book Creator from other apps
  • sharing works from Google Drive, Dropbox, the Photos app, iMovie
  • save iPhotos or videos directly onto the app
  • you can now share songs from GarageBand into Book Creator
  • updated design for the Add item picker, making is easier to find things
  • able to make speech and thought bubbles smaller
  • the amount of space the app uses has been reduced
  • drop shadows on shapes is back

Book Creator is one of those ‘go to’ apps and has long been a favourite of mine.  It just gets better and better with each update.  If this is an app that you haven’t yet used, then do give it a try, you wont be disappointed.  The Book Creator website is full of hints, tips and ideas to get you started.


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