Creating a classroom studio with an iPad and Green Screen

Are you looking to create your own studio with an iPad and green screen?

This is a brilliant article on how to set up your iPad to use green screen, with helpful hints, the kit you need and some ideas for projects.  If you have iPads in your school, then definitely give this a go, your pupils will love it!  The article recommends Green Screen by DoInk, I have used this myself with children, and it is so easy to use and understand.  If your budget wont yet run to a physical green screen, try using Tellagami, free app, with this you can create and animate your Tellagami character on a plain green background, bring the finished movie into DoInk and add your own footage to the background.  This is a brilliant way to introduce children to the techniques needed and how to use the app, while you save up for a green screen background!

Creating a classroom studio article written by Sam Gliksman

DoInk App

Tellagami App

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