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Draw your own video game – Pixel Press Floors

I love, love this app!  It will open up so many possibilities for schools, both primary and secondary.  There is an understandable worry in some schools, especially primary schools on how we can teach children to code.  But surely before we start to run away with coding languages, we should be exciting students with the power and excitement of creating their own games.  Yes, they can do this with a variety of tools that are available, but no where near as in-depth and creative as the games they could produce with a piece of paper and pencil using this app.

With Pixel Press Floors, schools will have the opportunity to excite children and really switch them on to gaming and grab their interest so encouraging them to want to experiment further with coding.  The basic app is free at the moment and is definitely worth a look.  I have already used this app with 7 year olds and watching and listening to them creating their games was a real pleasure.  Their faces were a delight – taking their drawn games into the arcade and seeing them ‘come to life’, discussing what needed changing, testing and retesting until they got it just so.  So much learning taking place and they didn’t even know it.  For me this was computational thinking at it’s best!  Not only were they excited about creating the games, they were keen to swap games and play each others creations.  What teacher could ask for more?

Pixel Press Floors is changing the way we experience mobile games by letting anyone be the creator, publisher and player of their own video game. With the Pixel Press creator platform, you can literally draw your own video game – no coding required.



Sally Tippett

Sally was previously and ICT advisor for Staffordshire LA with responsibility for Emerging Technologies, ICT in Literacy, iPads and liaison with the managed services team. She is a highly experienced educator, having worked across the Key Stages in primary school and as a specialist teacher in an EBD school. Sally has written the Primary Computing Framework and works with many schools implementing the new curriculum and embedding mobile technologies.

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