Have a chat with Siri – what’s your favourite question?

I have just spent a brilliant half hour playing around with these commands for Siri – didn’t know that you could ask it so many things, and in half an hour you can ask it loads!!  Sadly, I was my own at the time, it was just me and Siri in the room together, surprised I did’t fall asleep saying ‘hey siri’!!  You have to try some of them out, you will be sure to find some that you never knew about.  My favourite was asking it  ‘what’s this song’, what’s your favourite?

Created by Sandro Roth, a software developer and student from Lucerne, Switzerland. He says he produced the site because Apple lists just a few commands on its website, and there wasn’t a good third-party list of commands available.  Go on, have a chat with Siri and brighten your day……



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