Inspire your pupils to write about imaginary worlds

These resources were created as part of a large school networking project in Staffordshire, which focused on inspiring children to write (particularly boys).  A range of resources were developed which have been used successfully in schools. 

I’ve started with Imaginary Worlds as this was a popular topic with Year 4 pupils and I happened to be working alongside a Year 4 colleague.  The video files referred to were downloaded either from the film’s own home site or from Jurassic Punk.  I am limited to the file type I can upload to this blog and so have converted some files to PDF.  We did create a Photo Story file focused on Imaginary Worlds with accompanying music to add impact.  You could quickly and easily compile one of these yourself.

All materials have a literacy focus but may have a history geography, PSHE or other context.  The materials based around the Blitz, Evacuation and the Egyptians proved particularly successful.


Download “File converted from SMART Notebook” 5imaginary-world-notebook.pdf – Downloaded 3549 times – 327 KB

Download “The Chocolate Cottage 2” 4the-chocolate-cottage2.doc – Downloaded 3281 times – 29 KB

Download “The Chocolate Cottage” 3the-chocolate-cottage.doc – Downloaded 5153 times – 31 KB

Download “Imaginary worlds PowerPoint” 2imaginary-world.ppt – Downloaded 8530 times – 428 KB

Download “Inspire literacy skills” 1lesson-suggestions-imaginary-worlds.doc – Downloaded 3814 times – 32 KB


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