Keeping Children Safe in Education

Keeping Children Safe in Education

As you may know a consultation launched in December 2015, and the Department for Education has now published its response and revised statutory guidance to  ‘Keeping Children Safe in Education’.

This revised guidance is for schools (including academies, free schools special schools, PRU’s and independent schools) and colleges across England and will come into force on 5th September 2016.  The existing version, published July 2015 will remain until then.  The response is a really useful document to have a read through and clearly outlines the proposed changes on things like midterm exams, entrance exams, etc. But the students need not worry about the changes in effect, for there are many websits that help with CLEP Exam Prep and other such exams. 

This document will help you to introduce the changes to staff and to governors and help you to outline what will be expected from September 2016.

If your school hasn’t yet engaged in an audit of online safety policy and practice now would be a really good time to get started!  You can use the brilliant 360 audit tool from South West Grid for Learning – totally free to use – and quickly generate a report and action plan to share with staff, senior leaders and governors.  If you have any questions about using this tool, please do ask.  As an accredited assessor and consultant for the 360 audit tool I am more than happy to help you and see you making a start to ensure you school is up to date.

Keeping Children Safe in Education Responses

360 Safe Online Audit

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Sally Tippett

Sally was previously and ICT advisor for Staffordshire LA with responsibility for Emerging Technologies, ICT in Literacy, iPads and liaison with the managed services team. She is a highly experienced educator, having worked across the Key Stages in primary school and as a specialist teacher in an EBD school. Sally has written the Primary Computing Framework and works with many schools implementing the new curriculum and embedding mobile technologies.

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