The power behind an image

The Power of the Image a report into the influence and videos in young people’s lives is a brilliant publication of UK Safer Internet Centre.  This report outlines how young people use and react to images and videos online.

It examines the role and influence of images and videos in young people’s digital lives and the influence this can have on their self-esteem, behaviour and emotions.

Of the 1,500 young people surveyed, aged 8-17 years old in the UK:

  • 70% said they have seen images and videos not suitable for their age in the last year
  • 22% said that someone has posted an image or video to bully them
  • 45% of 13-17 year olds have seen nude or nearly nude photos of someone they know being shared around their school or local community

Download the report, read it and share it with the staff in your school and your school governors.  This will help everyone in your school community to better understand how young people use and interact with digital media.


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